Sustainable Flowers

I'm passionate about making cut flowers as sustainable as possible. Flowers are our gift from nature, so I want to give back - by keeping them local, seasonal, organic and cutting out the waste and plastic.

A bucket of locally grown sustainable flowers with a wild and cottage garden feel

All Umbel flowers are grown in the UK, either by myself or other British growers.

Umbel's locally and organically grown flowers

Locally grown flowers not only have a lower environmental impact, but a unique character & freshness too.

Organically grown and wildlife friendly cornflowers by Umbel

I grow my own flowers organically to help protect our precious insect life, soil health and wildlife.

Seasonal flower arrangement with berries, fruits and seedheads by Umbel

Using only seasonal flowers means they reflect the wild and natural beauty of the changing year. 

Meadow flowers by Umbel

I work hard to cut waste and am committed to never using single use plastic or floral foam in my work.

Umbel's wild and natural blooms with minimal carbon footprint and flower miles

Keeping it local means minimal flower miles, while growing outdoors unheated helps cut impacts too.