Sustainability and seasonality are at the heart of everything I do. 


Simply put, the flowers are I grow are ‘slow flowers’ – flowers grown with care and compassion for the natural world, requiring minimal resources, and reflecting the natural rhythm of the changing seasons. 


Like their cousins ‘slow fashion’ and ‘slow food’, slow flowers offer an alternative approach to the sort of high intensity, globalised production that's become so much the norm in the cut flower world. 


This 'slow' approach to living offers many benefits, like a closer connection to nature, and a more mindful sense of place. Taking time to savour the small-scale, local and personal is so important in today’s busy life.  


From seed to vase, my mission is to do everything I can to embrace this ethos, and deliver beautiful, thoughtful flowers to you that are as local, seasonal and sustainable as it's possible for them to be. 


Seasonal, slow flowers, organically grown by Cathy Crozier-Cole from Umbel