Seasonal Flowers

Through the ages, flowers have been picked and brought indoors as a reminder of the abundance of nature thriving just outside the window. In modern times, we’ve lost that connection, as flowers are hot housed in giant greenhouses and imported from far flung corners of the world. We’ve come to expect roses in February and tulips in August. In a topsy-turvy world, our flowers have lost their sense of time and place. 


A growing movement of local, seasonal flower growers are offering a different approach; one that reconnects us to the real seasonality happening outside our window. A bouquet of truly seasonal flowers should feel like bringing a little bunch of the wild inside. 


I want my flowers to capture a little slice of this seasonal magic. No two of my weekly bouquets ever will be the same, and it's this flow of natural rhythm through the year which inspires in me the true joy of flower growing.  

Seasonal slow flowers qwith a wild and natural feel by Umbel