British Flowers

In the 1970s, 90% of flowers bought in the UK were grown here too. Today it's less than 15%. Large scale globalised flower production means that high street flowers are now mostly imported, intensively grown and some are even flown half way around the world before reaching our vase. The hand gathered posy of meadow flowers of yesteryear seems a world away.  


Yet there's a quiet revolution happening in the British flower growing industry. As the demand for seasonal, locally grown flowers starts to rise, a growing movement of small and artisan flower growers is emerging, realising their dream of bringing ‘slow flowers’ to their local communities. 

Eco friendly tulips locally grown by Umbel
Cottage garden flowers grown by Umbel in Bath

The positives include beautiful fresh scent, and delicate, unusual varieties of flowers that don't tolerate long distance travel, so aren't often found on the high street. Flowers that are truly seasonal reconnect us with the magic of nature and the changing character of the year. 


And of course being ‘grown not flown’ means British flowers, and especially local flowers, have a much lower carbon footprint, which means there are all the more reasons to enjoy them.