Locally Grown Flowers

Sustainability starts with local, and my goal is for all my flowers to be locally grown in and around the Bath area. To help ensure this I grow my own flowers, and I manage several cutting patches on the edge of Bath, surrounded by gorgeous green belt which is a thriving natural environment of wildlife, insect life and wildflowers. 


Most of the flowers I sell are ones I've grown myself. When I can't provide all the flowers I need - perhaps because I have an event, or a short 'flower gap' - I buy from other local growers, always prioritising the most local first. 


Happily there’s a wonderful community of growers in and around Bath, Bristol and Somerset, with many using organic or low-input methods. It's great to support other local businesses and growing the market for local will help all of us to thrive. 


Occasionally, for a few special flowers during the colder months, I may buy British flowers from growers further afield such as Cornwall, who produce wonderful early spring bulbs like scented narcissi. All of my flowers will always be 100% British, with nothing ever imported or flown.

Cathy Crozier-Cole from Umbel on her cutting patch
Locally grown bouquet with a wild and joyful feel

Growing so close to Bath means I can deliver the freshest seasonal blooms to my customers in the city with the fewest flower miles and in the quickest possible time.


And this means I can provide varieties you would never get from imported flowers - cottage garden favourites and lacy umbellifers - reflecting the meadows and the hedgerows in all their wild and wispy romance. This is the true joy of local flowers.