Ordering and Delivery

Here's everything you should need to know about ordering and delivery.

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Placing an order via our webshop

Because all Umbel flowers are freshly picked to order, online orders via our webshop need to be placed by midnight on Wednesday evening, in order to guarantee delivery on the Friday of that week (or Tuesday evening for Thursday deliveries). 

Orders received after that time might still be possible, depending on our flower availability that week. If the date you want is not showing, please contact us directly to check, and we'll be happy to help if we can. 

When placing your order online, please provide us with your full contact information during checkout so that we know exactly where to deliver to, and can get in touch with someone if there are any problems.

If you'd like to include a handwritten message, you can specify this – together with any special delivery instructions – in the 'Gift card message' section of your shopping cart. 

Orders for bespoke flowers

If you would like to arrange a bespoke flower order, for instance for flowers on a different day to a Friday, then please just get in touch, and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements. 


In this case we'll ask you to provide contact and delivery information, together with any gift message, which can be done through text or email. Then we'll send you an invoice for payment by BACS. 

Where do you deliver to? 

We deliver free of charge to local postcodes BA1, BA2, BA15, SN13 and SN14 (south of the A420).

We don't currently offer delivery outside this range, in order that our flowers are kept as local as possible. Please make sure that the recipient of the flowers lives inside this area before placing your order.

Can I collect my flowers instead? 

No, we're sorry but we don't offer collection of flowers – that's why we're delighted to offer delivery for free. 

How are my flowers kept fresh in transit? 

Your flower stems will be kept hydrated during transit using an 'eco-wrap' and a small circle of cellophane and secured with raffia. As soon as you receive the flowers, remove packaging and place them straight into fresh water (see 'How to care for my flowers' below). All packaging materials are biodegradable (the cellophane is made from renewable wood pulp).

Umbel's bouquets come with free delivery across Bath

When will my flowers arrive? 

Orders will usually be delivered between 12-5pm on the specified delivery day. Occasionally we might need to deliver outside this time period. If we need to do this, we'll let you know as soon as we possibly can.

Please make sure that someone will be at home at that time to receive the flowers. If it’s not possible for anyone to be in, then let us know if there is a covered, shady area outside where we can safely leave the flowers. Do bear in mind that flowers don't like sitting in heat, rain or direct sunlight, and are likely to wilt or damage if they do! - so please consider this when placing your order. 

How to care for my flowers?  

Umbel flowers are not treated with any chemicals, just pure water. To keep them looking fresh and beautiful for as long as possible: 

  • Place in fresh water as soon as you receive them. 

  • Display out of direct sunlight, and away from heat sources like radiators. The cooler they are, the longer they will last. 

  • Every few days, give the stem ends a snip with sharp scissors, and change vase water every day. This will enable hydration to continue at its best. 

Take care: Always wash your hands after handling flowers, as some may have sap which could potentially cause skin irritation. Never ingest any parts of the flowers or foliage, which are for decorative purposes only. 

What about Covid-19? 

During the Covid-19 pandemic every precaution is being taken to deliver flowers in a way that is safe and contact free. Strict hand sanitising is in place during picking, arranging, packaging and delivery, and doorstep deliveries are contact free. 

Further Information

All purchases of Umbel flowers are subject to Umbel’s Terms & Conditions. 

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